Foods in Sri Lanka

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With a huge community of farmers the Rice and curry is the principal sustenance in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka curries are known for their red hot flavors and coconut milk is exceptionally unmistakable component of Sri Lankan cooking that various areas of the nation have some expertise in various sorts of dishes. The claim to fame in Sri Lankan sustenance is that equivalent nourishment is distinctively made in various locations. Dishes from the North area of Sri Lanka have particular south Indian flavors.

Particular sorts of fish Balaya , Kelawalla are local to Southern oceans. “Lunu dehi” (lime pickle) and jaadi (Pickled fish) are nourishment things produced using strategies for safeguarding since they could dry them in the sun during rainless days. Western district of Sri Lanka has outside impact considerably more than different areas. Numerous things made utilizing wheat flour consistently had made Sri Lankan dishes outside. Since upper western  coastal region is dry , fish is dried with salt as an additive. This is designated “Karawala” (dried fish).

Dishes from the South region of Sri Lanka can be Spicy, Hot or Mild. The meals of the southern region of Sri Lanka are known for their variety and fishing village though the coastal strip. Ambulthiyal a unique spicy fish preparation with thick gamboges “Goraka” paste.Flavors, for example, Cloves, Cardamoms, nutmeg and pepper are found in all through Kandy and Matale District in Central area of Sri Lanka. Eastern territory comprises three noteworthy ethnic gatherings. Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil, Chena development, Game meat from close by forests and dry Weather have impacted numerous nourishment things.

Staple diet of Sri Lanka is ‘Rice and curry’ the word ‘curry’ converting a multitude of dishes which are made according to different methods of cooking from Soups, meat, Sea food, Lentils, Vegetables, Sambols, Mallums, Phies to Achcharus. Curd and Treacle and Sweetmeats made from Rice flour and palm treacle, jiggery along with various types of fruits are additions to the meal as the dessert. The Palm, Coconut, Kithul, Palmyra from which the treacle is made will vary accordingly. Sri Lankans also like several juicy sweetmeats like Kavum, kokis, Halape, Thalaguli and Wattalapam etc. Sri Lankans also like to have drinks like tea and coffee.To conclude Srilankans really love food and each area have specialised in each kind of food.One can taste various kinds of food all over the srilanka and they all won’t taste the same. A tiny island with tasty foods <3